Hoya wrayi
by Mr. Ong Poh Teck

Hoya wrayi King & Gamble is one of 25 species of Hoya (Apocynaceae) recorded from Peninsular Malaysia. It is a very rare and endemic species in Peninsular Malaysia and Rintz (1978) reported that it is only known from Gunung Batang Padang, Perak and Fraser's Hill, Pahang. It grows in montane forests as an epiphytic climber at altitudes between 1000–1500 m. It was recently refound in flower at Fraser's Hill.

Hoya wrayi has two thick and rigid leaves per node but may produce up to four leaves at the base of the stem. The inflorescence is positively geotropic, meaning its flowers grow downwards. Its inflorescence forms a flat umbel bearing about 1–15 flowers that each last for about four days. The flowers are very hairy, especially on the corolla margins and are greenish-cream with purple-pink markings on the upper lobes of the corona.

The discovery of Hoya wrayi is evidence that the species still exists in our forests but we should not take its long-term survival for granted because rare and local species are very vulnerable to habitat disturbance. Therefore, care must be taken that areas like Fraser's Hill are preserved as a habitat for this rare and beautiful Hoya species as well as for other flora and fauna.

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