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Selaginella plana

Asian Spikemoss
Malaysia Plant Red List
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The taxanomic status is pending for approval




In terms of traditional use, the branches and leaves of Selaginella plana are used to treat a headache and facial stroke when placed under a pillow of the patient to sleep on at night.


Year Published Assessment Red List Category Version
2010 Malaysia Plant Red List
Vulnerable (VU)


Collection Center   Total


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Acknowledgements :- Mr. Ahmad Amir Firdaus Bin Mad Apandi, Ms. Aida Salihah Binti Abu Bakar, Ms. Ajla Rafidah Baharom, Ms. Asyifaa Syahirah Binti Md Padzil, Mr. Badrul Amin Bin Jaffar, Ms. Kamilia Huda Binti Mohd Zaini, Mr. Mohamad Ruzi Abdul Rahman, Mr. Muhammad Izzuddin Bin Hazan, Mr. Nabil Arif Bin Abdul Naim, Ms. Siti Zubaidah Binti Abdul Latif & Mr. Yasser Mohamed Arifin

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