Elaeocarpus stipularis Blume

Phoon Sook Ngoh   •   25 November 2013   •   2868 views

Dipterocarpus costatus Gaertn. f

Mrs. Suhaida Mustafa   •   23 October 2013   •   3264 views

Cotylelobium melanoxylon (Hook. f.) Pierre

Mrs. Suhaida Mustafa   •   07 October 2013   •   3392 views

Elaeocarpus polystachyus Wall. ex Müll. Berol.

Phoon Sook Ngoh   •   27 September 2013   •   2518 views

Champereia manillana (Blume) Merrill var. manillana

Mrs. Syahida Emiza Suhaimi & Ms. Chew Ming Yee   •   30 August 2013   •   3242 views

Geostachys decurvata (Baker) Ridl.

Mr. Lau Kah Hoo   •   18 July 2013   •   2491 views

Orthosiphon aristatus (Blume) Miq.

Mrs. Nadiah Idris   •   10 June 2013   •   4258 views

Antrophyum parvulum Blume

Mrs. Nor Ezzawanis Abdullah Thani   •   15 May 2013   •   2560 views

Bayabusua clarkei (King) Wilde

Ms. Chew Ming Yee & Mrs. Syahida Emiza Suhaimi   •   16 April 2013   •   3018 views

Jacquemontia paniculata (Burm.f. ) Hallier.f.

Mrs. Rafidah Abdul Rahman & Mrs. Syahida Emiza Suhaimi   •   20 March 2013   •   2617 views

Bauhinia bassacensis Pierre ex Gagnep. var. bassacensis

Dr. Avelinah Julius   •   18 February 2013   •   3036 views

Aegiceras corniculatum (L.) Blanco

Dr. Avelinah Julius & Suzana, S.   •   22 January 2013   •   2804 views
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