Land Snakes of Medical Significance in Malaysia

  • July 2017
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    Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Putrajaya
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The purpose of this book is to highlight the potentially dangerous species to humans, with a list of the main potentially medically significant snakes. It is important to note that if a species is not listed below, it does not necessarily mean that it does not exist in Malaysia nor that its bite cannot cause harmful effects in humans.

In particular, the list of colubrid (non-front-fanged) snakes has been selective, to include only a number known to be of potential medical significance. It is also important to note that a poor surveillance of the pet trade and irresponsible importation of exotic snakes may introduce a medically significant species, which is not indigenous to Malaysia. This may add to the complexity of managing envenomings in this country.


Ismail, A.K., Teo, E.W., Das, I., Vasaruchapong, T. & Weinstein, S.A. (2017). Land Snakes of Medical Significance in Malaysia. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Putrajaya, Malaysia. pp. 80.

Species   33 records

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  • Animals 33
  • Total 33
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  • Least Concern 28
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